Over the weekend, we hit a major baby milestone...Graham turned 9 months old which means he's officially been out longer than in. Crazy. I'd like to say that the last 9 months have absolutely flashed past, but at the same time, it feels like Mr. G has been around forever. In a good way, of course. In the past week he's sprouted his first four teeth. Since New Year's, we've gone from a gummy grin to a mouthful of pearly whites. I say get 'em all out at once. It's just easier on everyone that way. Wish I could get him to slow down for a second so I could snap a pic of his new chompers. Advice?

While we always knew that babies were busy creatures, we are convinced that we were blessed with the deluxe model. Graham is a crazy man. Everywhere. Everything. All the time. I can assure you, we don't call him Graham-zilla for nothing. The frightening part is, we ain't seen nothing yet.

Anyway, here's a brief run-down of his other amazing tricks:
*pulling up to stand
*baby babble (still just dadadadadadddyda. sigh.)
*unrolling toilet paper
*patty caking
*more curious than ever
*rifling through trash cans while at the same time, keeping my floors spotless ;)

Another happy milestone, my etsy shop is officially re-stocked!
Valentines, scrapbook embellishments, and more fabric flags.
Stop by and have a look-see.


Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Advice = take LOTS of pics. Delete (most of) the ones of the back of his head. :)

Cute etsy products!!

daniella said...

But he's sooooooooooooo cute! I often log on your blog just to see pics of him...and I'm not even a stalker....AND I have one of my own (who has a wicked smile just like your little man does). But I bet you wouldn't have him any other way because then he'd be borring. In 16 years ladies will come knocking on the door every day, just wait and see.

BarbaRove said...

lovely blog. Im from Brazil! =) beautiful baby! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Casey said...

that is such a cute picture of him!