dec. daily {no.7} toys in every store

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I'm coupon clipping big time. Although our budget is thanking us for not splurging on airfare this season (we've opted to visit Jeff's parents in January...tickets are half the price!), I am still attempting to stick to a savvy spending plan. Here's how:
*Start out with X dollars to spend on Christmas
*Divide X by all the peeps who need gift-giving
*Make list of what to give to each, and how much we can spend {and stick to it of course}
*Clip coupons galore
*Compare, compare, compare
*Buy everything on sale
*Pay with cash
*And most importantly, I have a few handmade gifts up my sleeve this year. :)
Am hoping to wrap up all of the Christmas shopping by the end of the week.


Leslie said...

good for you Jessica.
I really believe we are blessed when we live within our means, and not outisde it.
Keep those scissors snipping.. and I too am hoping to be done this week :)

Cottage Mommy said...

So am I right to assume you are coming the way of Spokane in January to visit Jeff's parent's? I'm sure you will be plenty busy but maybe some of us blog girls could snag you for coffee? Chelle lives just down the hill from me now and I'm not sure if you know Andi from Tales of a Crafty Mama or not but she lives here too! It would be so fun to meet you in real life!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Great plan!! I am a mad women, when it comes to sales and clipping coupons lol my hubby calls me the "coupon queen" lol it really does save though!! I hope you find lots hot deals!! And happy travels next year!

Cassie said...

Well done, I have done the same this year on detailing it all out before I started shopping and it has helped to know exactly what I want to get before I hit the shops. I have a mountain of wrapping up to tackle now!