dec. daily {no. 14} oreo truffles

As promised, the recipe you've been awaiting+craving. These little morsels are among the most tasty Christmas treats you can crank out in the least amount of time. They are getting super popular these days, so please don't mind me pretending like I've invented them. My grandma first discovered them 10 years ago and passed me the recipe long before I had a kitchen of my own. But with a name like Reindeer droppings it's no wonder the recipe fell by the wayside for a few years...

And now here's how:

4 oz softened cream cheese
A package of oreos
Vanilla almond bark
(yes, that's all!)

1. Smash your Oreos. (It's ok if you cheat and eat one out of the package before beginning. I promise I won't tell because I do the same thing. And I promise it won't throw off your recipe.) It doesn't matter how you smash them, just turn them into the tiniest Oreo particles possible. If you're lucky enough to have a food processor, go for it. If you're old school like me, just toss them into a Ziploc bag and beat them to smithereens with your burliest rolling pin. It's a good way to release some of your holiday angst.
2. Toss your Oreo bits into a bowl and combine with cream cheese until the mixture is even and moist

3. Roll into 1" balls

4. Freeze for 1 hour or until balls are firm for dipping

5. Melt almond bark, dunk your Oreo balls, tap off excess...you know the drill

6. Add chocolate sprinkles, allow coating to harden, and store in fridge
Enjoy your sugar high!

As we speak, I am on my way home to bake the day away w/ my mom. Can't wait. Have a great week everyone!


Ashley said...

I pigged out on these the first time I came across them at a party. Like...embarassingly. And I think they will be the perfect addition to my neighbor gift, thankyouverymuch! Happy Holidays, enjoy your baking.

bethany said...

Oh my goodness gracious...I am in so much trouble. These look sinfully easy and completely delicious, I cannot WAIT to make them! :) I'm especially fond of that release of holiday angst...who doesn't need that? :)

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

These look + sound so amazing and I am a big time cookie baker...I LOVE COOKIES!! I can't wait to try this recipe out!! And how fun it sounds to go on a cookie baking spree with your Mom!! I'm jeleous :D have fun and happy baking :D

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

I wonder what other cookies you could do this with. They sound fabulous but I had an OD incident with oreos as a child and they've never quite been the same to me. How easy these are!!

Megan said...

These sound amazing Jess! I'm going to make them for the family gathering this weekend :)

Leslie said...

making these now for my cookie exchange... thanks JEss.

Sylvia C. said...

These blew my mind the first time I had them. They actually taste much better when you don't know the simple ingredients which are inside!
happy monday!


SKELLER said...

yummmmm. but I think making & having those around the house would be way too dangerous for my expanding waistline!!!

{lovely little things} said...

All I can say is...YUM!

Karen said...

....woohoo! I pot u to the 100 mark of swell friends!!!Love ur blog!...and ur baby is really cute!

Erin said...

These sound DE-LISH!!! Where can I find vanilla almond bark??