dec. daily {no. 10} dear jeff

Thanks for the million and one things you do, the dipes you change, and the joy you bring around here. But today--thanks for battling the sub-zero temps, running to 4 different stores to buy a shovel, picking up groceries for our starving family, and managing to bring a giant pot of these home with you. You are the best. xo


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Awww...what a cute post! Good job Jeff! :)

From Sunday to Monday said...

What a guy! Miss you both! And I cant wait to see that little man again! I am hoping to be home in Feb the weekend of the 20h with Dustin, dont know if it will work out but I hope I can see you. I will be staying longer so if D and I run out of time maybe I can see you! Merry Chritmas!!!