junk bonanza

Last Saturday's flea market scene rocked my world. I hit Junk Bonanza, the biggest antique/flea market/craft fair of its kind in the Midwest, which was conveniently hosted a few miles away at Canterbury Down in Shakopee. All of the booths were amazing; just dripping with the most charming vintage and re-purposed goods you ever did see. Enough gabbing, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:
At one stop, there were thousands of pieces of this bright old European enamelware. A feast for the eyes!
And for the grand finale, I must share my finds. It felt fabulous to bring home a piece of the eclectic beauty! I love my new metal tray for its lovely flowers and mint condition.Also scored this little painted end table. It's exactly what our drab living room ordered to cozy up a corner. It even has the perfect little drawer for remotes + beverage coasters. Love, love, love.


Becca said...

can't wait to hear about the junk bonanza and scheme!

Jenny said...

Lucky ducky, I was going to go to that with my mom and Maddie and Andy but I got called in to work earlier than I was supposed to so I couldn't go, I was super bummed and now I'm even more sad because it looked so great. :(

Dee Dee said...

Ooooh yummy finds!

Shannon said...

Ohhh that looks so fun! Nice finds! I have relly got to start looking for these things in my area, I swear they don't occur!

bethany said...

Oh, Miss (whoops...I mean Mrs.) Jessica! Jealous doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about your adorable finds!

I wanted to go to this SO badly...but decided against it as I would have gone alone and thought it might be a bit of a long day. So glad I got to experience it a little via your blog! :)

Cassie said...

Absolutely love the little table you gave a home - just the thing I am on the lookout for here in UK. Thanks for sharing the pictures - a joy to look at.

Amanda said...

Love hearing about your adventure!

That end table is Ah-Mazing:)

Cottage Mommy said...

So jealous you got to go to this! Our local antique show gals The Farm Chicks were just there...they posted about it (well, she, but that is another story!) If you are ever visiting your family over here at the beginning of June you can hit their show! Love the tray...I collect those old trays and display them in my kitchen, they add such color!

icandy... said...

Oh, what fun!!!
Wish that I could have gone with you!! :)
Happy day!