summer treats

First of all, thank you so so much for saying such sweet things about my hair yesterday. I was not expecting that sort of reaction--I am blushing! Then again, I am blessed to have the sweetest people in the world reading this. Yes, I mean you. So anyway, just wanted to share these enormous blooms I snatched from my grandparents' farm last weekend. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite summer flower--and these look like a giant puffs of cotton candy. Delish.


peppylady (Dora) said...
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project simple life said...

So lovely-little clouds in a vase:)

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!! :)

Chelle said...

Those cotton candy blooms are so very lovely. Thanks for sharing them with us.

How are you settling in?

Oh and Jess, please do not be in awe of me...I can explain...I only had Jack on my lap for the first paragraph or so of this post and it literally took me an entire afternoon to finish. So many good distractions going on. I just had to clarify that,there is absolutely nothing impressive about my blogging skills. :)
And I haven't told you this yet...but I think your hair cut is darling and you look (post G, and all)so, so beautiful. Radiantly so.

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Beautiful! Hydrangeas are my favorite too.