travel wish list: charleston

I've always wanted to visit Charleston, SC, but spying the city guide in Cookie magazine has driven me to the point of obsession. Gorgeous homes, southern gentility, amazing food, sunny weather, and even a beach. I am there. Once we move closer to half of our family, we might have more wiggle room in our travel budget. (That's 4+ flights/year to MN we won't be taking!) Plus, I'm sure we'll be looking for a warm + affordable escape come January.


Aminta said...

Oh my goodness!I Am so excited for you! The move, staying home, being closer to family.... all of it is so exciting and wonderful.
Have the most wonderful and enjoyable last month in Cali, and Lord Bless your new beginning in MN.
ENJOY that darling little G! He is such a little darling.

{eleise} said...

Yes...do go there! It is so stunning!

mama b said...

charleston is totally dreamy! the food is amaaaaazing. they also hold a wonderful outside market with produce, handmade goods, and lots of other treasures.

savannah is even better. :) we have some real gems down here in the south! we are blessed!

Tracy said...

I went to college there frsehman year..GORGEOUS city. The shoppnig! the food! the palmetto trees! Oh i miss it.
You must go.

Fairlightday said...

Oh Jessica, Charleston is lovely and make there is more to do and see than you can do in a week ( or 4!).
It's been a lovely place to live for the past 8 years. You should come visit. Make it a must do on your list. :)