taking flight

We are back in action. Little Graham took his first flight back to the Midwest for an action-packed adventure over Memorial Day weekend. He did about as well as could be expected when you are 6 weeks old and flying across the country. He fussed just enough to draw cold glares from an entire aircraft of passengers and for me to feel like the worst, most embarrassed parent in the history of the world. Why did we think it was a good idea to fly late in the evening with a layover? Live and learn. But in between crying bouts, he had a blast playing baby airplane {on the airplane} with daddy. And for all of the cold glares, there were just as many adoring stares at the cute brand new baby in tote. Truly, the kid did well with all of the ups and downs. He's earned his wings.
First on the agenda was meeting more aunties and uncles! Mr. G was passed and passed and passed. Kinda like hot potato, we joked, but this time whenever the baby rumbled in his dipe, the person holding him had to change him! ;)We spent Friday night + Saturday visiting friends:Saturday at my little brother Mikey's graduation:
Sunday my whole entire family was reunited. That's us plus 5 bros, {almost) 2 s-i-ls, and one adorable nephew. That makes for one pretty rare and exciting occasion these days...My mom was one happy lady:Graham was also blessed to meet all 4 of my grandparents!We are home now. Catching up on sleep (if that's possible), sorting laundry, digging through a pile of mail, and searching for our new groove...


project simple life said...

It's so lovely that Graham has so many family members that are infatuated with him:)

Elijah's Mom said...

He is soooo big!! I love that first picture. The airplane one totally looks like Elijah - and he loved airplane-ing around at that age too!