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It is official. As I alluded to in this post, this week marks the official beginning of my maternity leave! And while I hadn't planned to end things so abruptly at work, after the events of last week, I am so so glad to be done. I am tickled by the seemingly infinite time ahead of me...Two whole months fully devoted to the business of nesting and resting before my due date. I am vowing not to be bored for a second. This time is so precious to me...time to fully enjoy being a mama in the making, time to set up the little man's nursery, time to spend with Jeff. My to-do list is filled with so many happy things:1. Breaks: Mid-morning breaks to enjoy warm cups of {decaf, herbal} tea and to spend more time blogging about it all. {Tangent: Just got that adorable Valentine's dish towel along with matching pot holder in the mail from Jeff's parents = immediate impetus for chocolate chip cookie baking!} Mid-afternoon breaks for yoga time, walks, and naps (gasp!).

2. Finish knitting the sailboat sweater. How embarrassing that I started this over a year ago for my little nephew, who's already outgrown it. Funny how much can change in one year! Hoping to have it finished for real this time--so that a certain someone else can snuggle in the fruits of my labors.

3. Nest: Make way for baby. Set up his little crib, fluff his blankies, and line up his already completely overwhelming number of stuffed animals. Organize his goodies in baskets below his changing table. Fill his dresser drawers with infinite sleepers and onesies. Clean this apartment 'til it sparkles. Make more balanced meals. Try new recipes. Throw things in the freezer in preparation for the post-partum drain.

4. Craft: It's high time for a shop update. Wouldn't you agree?
5. Operation sock monkey: Half a dozen pairs of uber cute socks in various stages of monkey development are haunting me. I want to be a monkey making machine these days.

6. Scrapbook: our wedding. Can't believe 2.5 years have passed and I still haven't even touched our sweet memories. Once baby is here, I'll be even less inclined, with less free time to wrap up this daunting task. I need to get busy!7. Thank: I have about a jillion thank you notes to write after my double shower {w/ cute pregnant cousin, Alisha} back home last weekend. Shower is an understatement. We got drenched. It was so completely crazy and fun to unwrap endless goodies that our little man will soon be wearing and using. All ridiculously cute things like the itty-bitty sock monkey slippers above from my friend Kayt.

8. Party: That's right. We're planning another trip next weekend to visit + celebrate our adorable nephew's first birthday!

9. Sew: I am starting a sewing class in 2 weeks at SF City College. I can't wait. Any project ideas?

10. Study up: Even though I've been doing tons of reading, I am so looking forward to our upcoming birthing + baby care classes! I think it will help us both to feel more prepared and at ease about the huge changes and responsibilities ahead. Most of the classes we'll attend together, but I also signed up for a breastfeeding class {for me} and infant CPR {for Jeff}. Look at me! I am already a completely neurotic new mom who lives in a world of worst-case scenarios! ;)


Pfeiffer Photos said...

Betcha' you won't even want to go back to that 9-5'er once that sweet baby boy arrives...happy times. :-)

Cottage Mommy said...

Sounds wonderful.....how long do you get once your little blessing arrives? You have a lot of fun things planned - keep us posted on your crafts and baby decorating! Such fun to hear about it!

brand.new.housewife said...

I'm a little jealous that you get TWO WHOLE MONTHS at home to get ready for your little one! We haven't even started compiling furniture for our nursery yet!

Well, enjoy the time, hun!

Michelle said...

I know I rarely comment on your posts (or anyone's, this makes me a bad blogger), but your blog is really one of my favorites! It has been so exciting to follow you through the process of your pregnancy and I can't wait to see your little man when he makes his grand appearance!I love your to do lists- this inspires ME to be more proactive, and I'm not even pregnant! :)

Miss G said...

Hi Jessica, as a teacher, my summer plans look a lot like this each year. :) (minus the baby stuff) Enjoy each thing you do and don't worry if you don't get every single thing checked off, just enjoy the process. Sooo happy for you. It is a magical feeling to see two months of free time stretching out in front of you! Happy times! Kelly

{michelle} said...

Love those little sock monkey booties, congrats on the nearing arrival, so exciting!

Miss G said...

enjoy your Monday morning of not going to work! Yea! Let the maternity leave begin! Kelly

Fairlightday said...

I'm glad that you are going to get a chance to rest and prepare for baby's arrival. Good for you! Such exciting things in your post! I'm eagerly anticipating them all! Your knitting is amazing! I want to hear more about the sewing class that your going to teach. Please share!

swell.life said...

aghghh! not teach--i am the sewing student. :)

northdakotablonde said...

I can relate to the neurotic new mom stuff! I'm due @ the end of may with our first baby and I'm already freaking out!! I've signed us up for baby classes as well, and I'm really looking forward to them! Lucky you for the long maternity leave, I need to take that into consideration! My nights/weekends are crazy and I'm so tired, its hard to get things done!
and.. I love that sweater! I'm working on the moderne baby blanket right now... its slow going! maybe I need a sweater as my "side project" :o)