24 birthdays later.

1. It is Jeff's birthday today! 2. He is my best friend + sweetest husband ever. 3. He loves Batman. 4. His favorite tool is a Nikon D80. 5. He is the only person who remembers to charge my cell phone at night. 6. He has the world's largest appetite. Together, we have the world's cleanest fridge, sans leftovers. 7. He loved his blueberry pancakes this a.m. 8. He loves the cinema. 9. He is a hard-core libertarian. 10. He wouldn't mind naming our son Ron Paul. 11. He reads 900-page books like Man, Economy, and State by Murray Rothbard just for fun. 12. He's 99% on time for everything, except when I am being a slow-poke or when random acts of God are involved. 13. He doesn't mind cleaning bathrooms. 14. His favorite TV show is Man vs. Wild. 15. He hates those dinky little Smart Cars people drive around here. 16. He loves kitties. And I'm not joking. 17. He has our credit card numbers {and just about any other identifying number} memorized. That is so freakishly cool. 18. He's a pretty good back scratcher. 19. He's beat me at any game we've ever played together, but sometimes he lets me win tennis matches. 20. He loves naps. 21. He wants to be a film maker when he grows up. 22. He can drink espresso after 7pm. 23. He has a butt chin. 24. I love him more every day.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...my Jeff has our credit card numbers memorized too! I don't feel so bad about it now...I don't even know the first 4 numbers on mine!

Hope he has a good b-day!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! I love your list, cracks me up!

Cheryl said...

wow, souds a bit like my husband. Happy Birthday to Jeff!

Leslie said...

he sounds a little like Nick too.

butt chin, man vs. wild, smart cars, memorizing numbers... too funny!

Aminta said...

That is so sweet! Something that no man could ever be emberessed by and just mushy enough to say I love you.
It was very darling!
How you feelin Jess?
LOL He sounds almost oposite of my hubby. lol But, I think that they would be great friends if they met, just because they are MEN and they both like RON PAUL! I do too by the way.
Loves to you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jeff!

Nicole from Long Island said...

ps happy birthday

Pen Pen said...

So perfect! :)
Happy B-Day to him! AND-I agree with him 'Man vs. Wild'! 'Survivor Man' pales in comparison!

Chelle said...

what a sweet, sweet birthday tribute...
your one lucky girl
and vise versa