bird-brained nesting and spring chicken hatching

Suddenly after all of the holiday hub-bub subsided, it hit me: We are really and truly going to have a baby. Soon. It's crazy to think we've arrived in the wild 3rd trimester world already!

This little peapod is becoming even more real and more magical every single day. And he's definitely becoming stronger and bigger each and every day. And I believe it's starting to sink in more&more for that handsome husband of mine also. Just the week before Christmas, the most magical thing of all happened...Jeff felt those mighty little man kicks for the very first time. And since then he's had a hand on my belly, bonding with the wiggle worm within daily. So very fun.

The other night, we made an impromptu date and went out for some fancy schmancy dinner and a little shopping. {We've realized that such impromptu date nights are nearing extinction, so we're seizing every precious opportunity!} We stopped at Gap and I could not even resist taking home this little onesie. Isn't it soo sweet+perfect for our mini man?...After all, we've nicknamed him our little spring chicken since the beginning. Ready or not... 4.6.09 will be here before we know it. He'll be hatching in no time.
We're still at the drawing board with the name situation. Well to be honest, we have a pretty perfect first name in mind, but are still puzzling over a suitable middle. Not sure why we hadn't picked up a name book yet, because we had such a blast devouring this book while waiting for our entrees at the restaurant. I must say, I'd highly recommend it. It's clear+concise. But better yet, its authors are downright forthright about the name game. They write the most fresh+funny descriptions of each name and are not afraid to tell you if your choice is lame or completely awesome! We laughed so hard when we studied up on our own names...that the name Jessica is "ready for a well-earned rest" and Jeff is "the ultimate dad name." Better yet get a load of what they had to say about, Jeffrey spelling variation of Geoffrey: "Yes, there were actually Jeffreys/Geoffreys in the Middle Ages...but now they're just middle-aged." Am glad they have much more encouraging+pleasant things to say about our baby names of choice!
Oh, and the nesting progress definitely deserves a mention: The Christmas tree is officially dead and gone, leaving wide open spaces for a tiny baby nursery to move in. We haven't set anything up yet, but we've certainly been collecting! Just last week, we scored this super simple changing table off of Craigslist to the tune of $20. We've had such great luck finding deals on baby goods there! I'm thinking 6 square white wicker baskets will be perfect for storing all of baby's toiletries, toys, and linens beneath...

I know I'm long overdue for sharing a belly pic. Next week, I promise!:)


Chelle said...

Loving this post...so very much. My heart echos each sweet sentence...I too am loving all the movement...as wee Jack crashs around inside my tummy, like a true boy. Cannot wait to see your tummy update...you look gorgeous and glowing in all the Christmas photos...and I am most certain of course that your precious little spring chicken looks absolutey fabulous on you. I am feeling hippo sized already and I am not quite into thrid trimester yet, but lets not talk about that.

So excited for you guys and all the wonder and preciousness the next couple months hold for you. And we have that exact changing table which we also found on Craigslist for $20.00, if you can believe that. And we like it very much.

Sorry for the enormous commment. I didn't mean to write a whole chapters worth.

Love you dearie.

Cottage Mommy said...

Welcome back to blogging! You were in my neck of the woods at Christmas! I live in Spokane and HATED the mountains of snow we got over Christmas! I am so glad it is now melting! I may have to check out that baby book you mentioned...we are still undecided on our boy name. Middle names are hard. I always think they need some significance or what is the point. We always go for family middle names. Nice changing table! Is it a Jenny Lind style? I wanted a Jenny Lind crib but since baby is going in our bedroom we finally decided a full size wouldn't fit and found the Da Vinci Emily Mini Crib. So cute but now I am stuck finding cute crib bedding! Anyway, so fun to hear your baby updates...it is coming soon. I am a whole month after you but it feels soon to me too!

Elijah's Mom said...

I was wondering how things were coming along! I love hearing about the nesting and getting ready, it's so exciting!

Aminta said...

What a fun thing! I adore the onesie..... and very appropriate. :)
We live very close to Spokane! Only a few hours away, and a bunch of my family lives within an hour or so. CRAZY what a small world we live in!
Glad you got to enjoy the snow. Though we live three hours away, it is our "local" news, so we sat here and watched Spokane get bombarded with snow. Fun for us, not so fun for them. My brother lives there and said that had around four feet of snow in their driveway. sheesh!
How are you?

Fairlightday said...

I can't wait to see some belly picts. The days are flying by and before you know it, it will be April! It's so exciting and fun to think about all the spring babies that will be around this year. :)
Such a sweet table you found! I adore Craigslist for baby things. Such good deals. Take pictures of you belly and the nursery for us! It will be super adorable, I know. :) It's so nice to have you back in the blogging world with us, Jess!

Kate said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and love it. I actually just moved to s.f. about 6 months ago :)

Leslie said...

Is it too funny that we too bought that changing table on craigslist...

hehhe.... great minds all think alike! :) We love love love Jenny Lind!

have a lovely said...

oh your back!! and with such precious sentiments on your growing little one and nesting lovely it sounds!

so sorry I am late in chiming in with the camera info...it is a sony cyber-shot 10.1 mega pixels {dsc-w170}. hope that helps...I am really enjoying it!