I am completely smitten by this brilliant new label company, called Stuck, created by Jordan of Oh Happy Day. She makes adorable+affordable label stickers that you can customize and print on your own. Pretty nifty, huh?


kt mac said...

pretty nifty and very cute :)

Leslie said...

her stuff is always so so cute, this are not left out

Anonymous said...

Her things are cute, but I don't see how a sheet of labels for nearly $10 (after shipping) is "affordable".

You are a designer, I am sure you can create the same thing for a lot less!

I like Oh Happy Day and she is very creative, but why so overpriced?

swell.life said...

i must admit--you're right, they are a little pricey! when i discovered her site & designs, i guess i didn't realize that $6+ buys only one sheet!