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Late Sunday night, we arrived home from a whirlwind weekend back home in the Midwest...But a hectic work schedule + the computer's brain transplant (Jeff's been busy with an diy upgrade this week) have kept me from bringing my blog life up to speed. :) I've been itching to share my long list of reasons why I must be the luckiest girl ever! When we rolled back into the city after the long weekend, I found a mailbox full of love:

1. A lovely surprise package from my dear friend Chelle. To celebrate her birthday on her blog, she decided to give away adorable gifts to her readers. {In my humble opinion, this was probably the most selfless+thoughtful thing anyone has ever done to celebrate their birthday in the history of the world!} So along came this super cute book of craft ideas. We both agreed that this couldn't have come at a more fitting time!

2. A beautiful handmade card from Jeff's parents...Plus a shopping spree for new maternity clothes!!! {Also could not have come at a better time. My dear old jeans are finally getting a bit snug and my belly will soon be hanging out of every shirt I own. Thankfully I was also able to borrow a stack of cute maternity clothes last weekend from my SIL Katie. So thanks to both of you...Huge help for my helpless wardrobe!}

3. The most precious birth announcement I'd ever seen from this lovely lady. It's hanging on my fridge!

4. A giant package from my friend Becca, full of these gorgeous vintage trims, ribbons, and lacey frills, plus a beautiful old table cloth with hand stitched pastel flowers. Confession: one of my ultimate weaknesses is thrift shopping. I literally hyperventilate and get clammy when I walk into thrift stores and garage sales. Not sure if it's the musty smells, the chaotic disorganization, or the inability to see past the worthless, creepy old items. I love antiques and vintage goodness, and I envy anyone with the ability {and strength!} to sift around and find these things! So to make a long story short, I sent Becca, one of the best thrifters I know, a mission+a few bucks to splurge on me. She knows my tastes to a T, and she certainly did not disappoint. I can't wait to use these little gems in my future craftings!

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Casey said...

what a treat! to get all these things in the mail... how fun.