1. Must be the department stores jumping the gun, but I'm starting to get a little giddy about the holidays. In fact, I've {finally} got another etsy update coming your way...Just in time for Christmas! My goal is to have the shop fully stocked before Thanksgiving. :)

2. Just joined this lovely-looking Happy Handmade Christmas Swap with the girlies at Domestic Bliss. Am already piecing together some paper crafted goodness. You should share the Christmas cheer and join too! The deadline is soon--Nov. 15th.

3. And for the crafter hunting for a little inspiration today...I'm loving these sweet little mittens with embroidered + felt flare. Wishing I had the time/skill to knit my own mittens, but don't you think you or I could easily add the bits of felt + stitching to a pair of plain jane mittens we already have? I also spied+loved these delicious cupcake ornaments while loitering at my local Anthropologie last weekend. I want to eat them all up.


Chelle said...

oh what sweet lovlies...thank you for sharing...

so looking forward to seeing your shop all updated for Christmas.

and is today the day of discovery? so excited for you to know just who this sweet babe is you have been loving so entirely all these weeks.

Leslie said...

cute and so lovely. wishing I had the time to craft this year.. maybe.. we will see! :)

Becca said...

Jess thanks for the info. on the Christmas swap. I'm gonna do it! Ooh I wish there were an anthropologie around here.

Fairlightday said...

I can't wait to see your shop update! It's always so lovely.
I'm so glad that you're joining in on the swap. It's good to see some familiar names in the mix. :)
So excited to hear you news! Let us know soon!