got me going

Popping in, because it's been awhile! Clickity-clickity, I'm oh so inspired on this cozy, foggy Saturday eve. And I thought you might be too:1. By everything about Elise's Handmade Holidays.

2. Could the colors+whimsy be more captivating in this darling calendar from behappynow's lovely etsy shop? Discovered via kelly p. :) 3. This simple, funky tote by avie designs. Oh, and her adorable Christmas cards too!

4. Lately I'm so in love with Elizabeth Kartchner's blog. She completely rocks my world. I love her bright+chipper scrapbook design schemes. {And in case you aren't in the know--she also writes the Dear Lizzy column for Creating Keepsakes. She's one gorgeous, talented girl.


please sir said...

Such lovely finds!

kt mac said...

I am click clicking away I love all these links. thank you for sharing :)