{my} fall foliage

Spied these yummy mums at the g-store this morning. Aren't their two-toned petals so pretty? Just what I needed to feel a bit more like fall in mean, green San Francisco. I'm ready to hop in the car and drive 'til I find a lawn full of leaves to rake...then jump in. Are you with me?


Pfeiffer Photos said...

Gorgeous flowers...we just planted mums in the urns on our front stoop and took photos of colorful leaves last weekend, too! :0)

Happiest of Fall to you 'n yours!

Tina Pfeiffer
Pfeiffer Photos

Flyleaf Books said...

I like how it's dark orange on the inside and light orange on the outside. Adds depth to them :)

Bekka said...

I'm so there! Well, I would be if I weren't on the other side of the country!

But if I happen to jump in a pile of leaves, I will think of you. :)