fALL fLiNg

Last Saturday we hosted a little *fall fling* with some of our church friends. It was the. perfect. gorgeous. day. We rendezvoused at our place in the early afternoon, had chili+caramel apples for lunch. And yes, these crazy devil's food Halloween cupcakes + chocolate buttercream frosting for dessert. Our friend Tyler did a pretty tricked-out job with the sprinkles, don't you think? {Note: I found these spooky jack-o-lantern picks + matching polka-dotted cupcake papers at Target.} It's too bad that my photos stopped at the cupcake feast...Because afterward, the real fun began. That's when we set out on a hike on our very favorite Land's End cliffs with sunshine + amazing views. The entire group (even 2 year-old Titus) walked all the way to Ocean Beach, where we had high hopes of staking a claim at one of the fire pits for a sunset beach fire. I guess when it's the warmest, most gorgeous Saturday in S.F. ever, everyone else has the same idea...I was so disappointed! But we were flexible...We'll save our trunk full of firewood for some other time. Everyone was perfectly content grilling brats + s'mores back at our place, with or without the sand. All in all, it was a blast!

Who knew Tyler had such strong sprinkle skills?
The extra-sprinkled cupcakes definitely made this little man's day:
Happy Fall + Early Halloween! We are heading home(!!!) on Wednesday to see fam + see my best girl cousin get married this weekend! I know I've been sparse as usual around here lately--but I can't even wait to share all of the pics and fun when we return. Take care, my friends.


{michelle} said...

What a fun fall activity!

Summer said...

those cupcakes look incredibly inviting!

have a lovely said...

yummy!!! {love the built-ins in your kitchen too!!!}

Pfeiffer Photos said...

The walk to the beach, the brats and such all sounds so great. Bravo!

Michelle said...

i just found your blog tonight, & i'm in love! you're a wedding planner, and a soon to be mommy, and crafty, and you love Jesus, AND you're on Etsy?

We would be the best of friends in real life! I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog. :)


Becca said...

Jess your party looked fun. I have internet now yay! Hopefully my etsy shop will be up tonight.