this. weekend. was. incredible!

It was the splurge and spectacle of the summer: the SF Outside Lands 3-day outdoor music festival in Golden Gate Park. We were there for every minute of it and had the most awesome time!! I'd brave the filthy port-o-potties and second hand marijuana smoke all over again just to scream like a 13-year old girl for Jack Johnson and be mesmerized by the sounds Radiohead. We were so lucky to live just 6 blocks away from the action. There we were, at a venue with 100,000 other people without the headache of parking or becoming just another sardine on a bus without oxygen. Not us--we were home in 10 minutes every night after the shows! With 6 different stages to run back and forth to, it was impossible to hear it all. But what we did hear was amazing. We caught some of our ultimate favorite bands and discovered some awesome new tunes.Music to my ears:
Cold War Kids
Regina Spektor
Bon Iver
Andrew Bird
Broken Social Scene
Kaki King
Jack Johnson


a. e. swicker said...

Wow! I was coming over to tell you that I feel like we have so much in common, too, and that I loved reading your blog and knowing that there were other girls out there like me who were still cute and fun and married.

But then I saw that concert poster. That is UNBELIEVABLE. I hope you had the best time!

Leslie said...

that is so many amazing...amazing artists..

love the pictures..