recap: family visits

This week was so fun! My parents and 2 youngest brothers (Michael & Daniel) came to visit and we enjoyed a family vacation from the comfort of our home. We packed a lot into just 5 days and had a blast!
Monday 8.11 :
*After an unsurprising airline delay, the fam pulled into SF around 7pm. We had the grill ready for making dinner.
*Afterward, a quick walk to China beach in hopes of seeing the GG Bridge. No such luck. In fact, poor Mikey, who hasn't been here before, went 0-5 with the fog and never saw more than just the bottom of the bridge the whole week!
*Back home for dessert, Olympics, and the air mattress inflation ceremony.Tuesday 8.12 :
*We started the day right with Jeff's infamous waffles+berries for breakfast
*Hopped in our rental mini-van by 10am and began our journey down Hwy 1
*In Monterey, we had lunch at the wharf and enjoyed the splendid jellies on parade at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Such an awesome place to visit!
*After our underwater adventure we headed to Carmel to divide & conquer: girls went shopping {found these at anthropologie in silver} and guys hit the amazing car show. They were dazzled by the endless vintage Lamborghinis & Ferraris.
*The fam helped us celebrate our anniversary (2 years, already!?) by treating at the Grill on Ocean Ave. Such a yummy meal!
*Then back to Monterey to check in at our quaint little cottage for the night.

Wednesday 8.13 :
*Up early so we could hit the tide just right: The boys went surfing! This was definitely the highlight of the trip! I completely chickened out--wet suit or not, the Pacific is waay too cold! My feet were numb enough after 2 seconds of wading while hunting for sea shells & glass on shore.
*Lunch under the sun on the patio at Chipotle
*A quick stop at See's Candies for a box of the sweetest truffles {yeah, my sweet tooth is genetic!}
*Back in the mini van to tour 17-mile drive: gorgeous coastline, ridiculous mansions, and the greens of Pebble Beach + other high end golf courses.
*A stop at Point Lobos to climb rocks and check out tide pools full of urchins, crabs, sea stars, & mussels
*Along our journey back north to the city we hit the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz to ride a coaster or two.
*Dinner at In-n-Out Burger, my brothers' new favorite food. For them, no trip to the West Coast is complete without a Double Double and a milkshake!!
*Back at our apartment in SF, we literally fell into bed. What a day!
Thursday 8.14 :
*Another early morning! We sped down to Pier 33 to catch our boat to tour Alcatraz & Angel Islands. Both are so historically rich--I highly recommend visiting both! We purchased our tickets a week in advance and literally found the last few available. Lesson learned: August is a crazy time around here, so plan ahead!
*Spent the morning on Angel Island. It's 5 miles around and nearly uninhabited. It's a gorgeous place for camping, biking, or hiking. And if you're lucky enough to find a day without fog--it has some incredible, sweeping views of the Bay area. We opted out of the Segues and took a tram tour around the island. Afterward, we enjoyed a picnic lunch on the grassy lawn.
*Off to Alcatraz to tour the rock & cell house in the afternoon. Visit #3 for me, soon I'll be giving the tours!
*Back to SF, where we packed in all of the standard must-see & dos: a quick walk through Fisherman's Wharf, hopped a cable car to Union Square for dinner, then back up and down the hills to Ghiradelli Square for dessert.

Friday 8.15:
*After an action-packed week, we did some major sleeping in.
*Took a driving tour across the GG bridge, to the affluent island of Belevedere (to see how the other 0.1% live), then cruised the hills of Tiburon, at which point I got car sick. :(
*Lunch on the sunny deck at Sam's Cafe in Tiburon was the perfect way to wrap up their visit! (P.S. I'm feeling better at this point.)
*Back to SF to bid farewells and to pack up the fam for their late afternoon flight. Why must all good things come to an end? Someday {soon} we need to live closer again.

And today, here I am, alone in my eerily silent apartment and am marveling at this list. We definitely maximized our time together! Wish I'd snapped a few more pictures...My mom took about 1 million, so am waiting to see how hers turn out.

Happy weekend!


sil katie said...

No pics of the guys surfing? That sounds so fun! Next time we visit, you can watch Elijah while Chris and I surf - we never got around to it on Maui. It sounds like such an awesome week!!

Casey said...

that is a great picture with the surf boards. very frame worthy! looks like you guys had such a great time!!

Shannon said...

without knowing it, you actually just did a recap of my honeymoon 2 years ago! we did all of the touristy things from Monterey to San Fran, so thanks for the trip down memory lane!