little cottage on the prairie

While home in MN, my mom & I had a girls' date with our friend Kathy at the Amboy Cottage Cafe--the quintessential charming small-town cafe. I'd never been, and after having been, I'm completely in love. Walking in, you'll find a single cozy room filled with eclectic wooden tables & chairs. The walls are covered with pictures, antique linens, & nic-nacs for sale. Of course the place is family owned and everything is fabulously delicious, wholesome, made from scratch, local, organic, you get the picture. I tried an amazing pineapple chicken salad with raspberry iced tea and perfect bread pudding for dessert. Oh, and did I mention that they serve everything in the cutest way imaginable--on mix-matched antique china? I wish I could go back every day. Cheerful little arrangements on the center of each table. All of the flowers are grown in the garden out back.
A wall of handmade ceramic mugs...Each has the name of a community member who donated at least $100 to get the place up and running. Now these people enjoy complimentary coffee in their personalized mug every time they stop in!
When in rural MN, this place is a must. Ugh, I know it's totally dorky that my mom & I coincidentally dressed so matchy-matchy. ;)


have a lovely said...

what a cool ritual of the coffee and the mugs...too cute and quaint!

chelle said...

that place looks so cozy and wonderful...thanks for sharing about it. every place needs at least one of those kinds of delightful establishments.

Becca said...

looks very cute. I have never heard of Amboy before. Yes we should go there.

Becca said...

Man Jess, I really hope I can spend some time in SF- I'm sure you already know about this one:
Are you off this weekend?

Anonymous said...

You should check out Irish Acres ahd the Glitz restaurant in Nonesuch, Kentucky. It is a MASSIVE Antique store/gallery but feels cozy and inviting. The building is an old schoolhouse that they have converted into the store but left most of the walls in tact so that each "room" has a theme or is layed out like a sitting room or what have you. Words just really dont do it justice! You would love it!!
- April

Fairlightday said...

So glad to have you back! And what a fun place you visited.