i letterpress!

Let me begin by saying that those who are less crazy/craft savvy and/or haven't seen/heard of the magic of letterpress printing, be not ashamed. Click here to get the 411 compliments of Wiki.

I was finally able to attend a coveted letterpress class at San Francisco Center for the Book last week. After one 8-hour day, I'm two levels and endless hours away from being able to print my very own fine stationery, but had a wonderful experience jumping into something new and just getting my feet wet...or my hands inked. Together, our class created a mini book of an exquisite corpse--the Surrealists fancy term for a random collection of phrases, joined together by the last word of each person's writing.

I loved choosing each font and typesetting each tiny metal letter. I loved learning how to mix inks and roll the paper through the press (what a rush!). And I love, love the finished product, the smooth impression that each image makes in the page. I'm officially saving funds & clearing my schedule for the next class!


rinse*repeat said...

It looks great! I am, admittedly, a little jealous. I've always wanted to learn!

Sara Christine said...

Wow! Good for you for trying something new. Fantastic work! SF Center for the Book is the BEST.