a {vegetable?} subscription

I am head over heels excited about this new kinda subscription I just discovered...Forget about Bon Appetit magazine, I can get thee freshest fruits & veggies delivered to my door monthly, even weekly! Capay farms, located about 90 miles north of S.F., runs a sheer genius business: They grow organic produce, harvest it 6 days/week, package up a great variety of the latest, greatest in-season items, and deliver it to people for a completely reasonable price! You can be choosy about what you want in your box with each delivery. You can get a mystery package, request all fruit, all veggies, or simply say hold the cauliflower. They even throw in recipes in case (like me) you have no clue what to do with kale. {I don't even know what kale is, but I'm pumped to give it a whirl!} I'm completely up for the challenge. In fact, I've never been so excited about vegetables in my life. And although I've never been a neurotic organic, sustainable food worshipper, I am passionate about food tasting fresh, nutritious & delicious. This is going to be amazing. Can't wait to fill you in on the adventures!

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Ace said...

love your blog...just stumbled on to it today.
here's a good recipe for soup with kale. i've tried it a couple times and it's really good with freshly baked bread. good on a cool evening...