set to jet

I've packed my bags. Am leaving for Seattle to visit my dear friend Bek {& Sam} for a wonderful long weekend! I've been so looking forward to this visit...Leaving it all behind, hopping on a plane, checking out the B&B where they live & work, breathing mountain air, crafting, laughing, eating tasty treats, seeing Seattle sights, and oh yeah, catching up. The only drawback is that I'm leaving Jeff behind to work & do the bachelor thing. I know I'm feeling guilty when I find myself simultaneously cleaning, baking chocolate chip cookies, & scribbling lists of potential leftover meal combinations just minutes before leaving. Somehow, I think he'll survive. And I'll have a fabulous time even without him. Oh, and I'm also feeling a teensy bit guilty to not spend the weekend with my mom. She's the best. But I guess that's what phone calls and brown paper packages are for {this year}. And to all of you mamas out there who tirelessly care & nurture, cook & kiss, & love kids in ways I cannot yet understand...I salute you. We daughters couldn't live with out you. Enjoy every blessed moment of a weekend that's all yours!

{Photo by Koreana}


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Welcome to my city! Hope you have an enjoyable stay (and the weather is pleasant enough).