Today I reluctantly returned home after a fabulous, relaxing weekend at Becca & Sam's log cabin B&B in Washington. I could've stayed forever, but I sort of missed Jeff and well, I sort of needed to get back to work. Just look at this place. It is amazing. Heavenly. Three stories of rustic tranquility, ten cozy bedrooms, a warm fireplace, hot tub, picturesque views of the Cascade Mtns, and all you can drink coffee, tea, & hot chocolate. Better yet, we had the place to ourselves for most of the nights I stayed. But a lack of real B&B guests, didn't stop Bek & Sam from delivering scrumptious lumberjack breakfasts. The place was ours. {See the little window on the right above the porch that doesn't quite match the rest? That's the room where I stayed. The one with the very best view.} I felt like a little kid and/or princess...In the perfect scene for the ultimate game of hide-and-go-seek. Never mind the fact that we were far too busy crafting, cozying by the fire, and hot tubbing to actually play. It was magical. My own personal retreat, hosted by Bek & Sam. I'm completely recharged.

Even better was a chance to catch up with some of my very best friends. I can't believe it had almost been a year since I'd seen these two! They are some of the most ultra creative/crazy adventurous people I know. I mean, how many people do you know who've lived in 3 different states in the past 3 years, part of which time was spent living in an old-school VW VAN!? That's what I thought. They're just the coolest. Becca is just so passionate and inspiring to me. I only wish I could hang out with her more. Absorb some creative energy. And even though she & Sam are completely unconventional, huge dreamers, they always manage to find complete contentment and valuable lessons in any and all situations {albeit often crazy; less than ideal}. And their secret to it all? Just rock-solid faith+trust in God. So very admirable. Oh yes, we drove into Seattle for a day of sightseeing. I promise there's no photoshopping here--it was actually partly cloudy, warm, even a bit sunny that day!! I am a very lucky duck tourist, indeed! And below, tulip season is in full swing at the Pike's Place Market. I was drooling over each and every bright bloom.


Shannon (Swell) said...

wow, that does look amazing, lucky girl! glad you had fun!

Leslie said...

that looks amazing... really really amazing.