reflections on a happy valentine's day

I hope you, dear reader, had a perfectly wonderful heart day, filled with nothing but love!! As I've said before, we have a non-trad, unconventional take on V-day. I love roses dearly every other day of the year, but just not on Valentine's day. Too gimicky, too spendy, too generic for me. We've also never been big on the whole restaurant scene on Valentine's day. It seems like no matter where you go, it's too crazy busy and distracting, when we'd rather just have sweet, quiet, quality "us" time. I was at my witt's end after a hectic day at work yesterday, but fortunately I have the best husband in the world who always manages to make my stressed out, freak-out moments melt away. While I was out, Jeff managed to plan an adorably sweet & special evening. For starters, he went out and bought us a Weber grill...Something we've always wanted but never got around to acquiring. :) Only in Cali can you grill out on February 14th! He also shopped around for the perfect ingredients for cozy winter's night BBQ...A tiny bouquet, delectable braided bread, Sun Chips {my fav!}, watermelon, a fancy red wine {duh}, and tasty steak & veggies for the yummiest kabobs! The manly-Jeff-menu still makes me smile. My heart cherry pie above was intended for dessert, but I waited 'til my day off today to make it. {Putzy, sticky pie crusts, and cranky tired girls don't mix!} In short, our heart day was perfect and the sweetness hasn't ended. I hope it never will.


emily said...

what a sweetie you have! and the pie looks awesome! cheers!

alyssa said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day!