A quick list of the little things getting me going this week...
:Our fancy-schmancy new Nikon+lens has finally arrived and I'm itching and scheming to share its bounties with you!

:The Creative Juices Challenge. My friend Bek's brain child, it's a crafting challenge/club for us to stay connected and inspired while miles apart. Each month one of us will be authoring a challenge and sending a standard padded manila envelope to the others, filled with crafting supplies and a notions. We've designed this blog to facilitate the creative process as we go along, keep the inspiration rolling, and show off the fruits of our crafting endeavors. Feel welcome to check in, cheer us on, and even craft along! The first challenge envelope is due in my mailbox soon and I can't wait to get started!!

:The blogger house party that'll be unveiled later this week at decor8 sounds like it's right up my alley. I can't wait to see the results!

:Discovering the fabulous website{Fun Cheap SF}. I'm confident that it has many a great date idea in store for us...

:Receiving and consuming an early Valentine full of chocolate from Jeff's parents

:Making some delightful+amazing new blogging friends

:Feeling patriotic, awaiting the results of Super Tuesday and thinkin' this is a pretty helpful website.

:Getting my PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certification. More than a little ditty for the resume, it's empowering to have the tools/skills to give better care to my little patients. :)


alyson. said...

ooo, did you get the D80? I got mine in January, and I LOOOOVE it. it's incredible.

ali said...

Your photo adventure sounds so fun. Congrats on your new lens. I daresay you will love it.