happy day!

I had an absolutely delightful birthday yesterday. Thank you, thank you everyone for your sweet comments, facebook messages, cards, calls, etc. I felt so special! Oh, and for the record, I have the most talented, crafty, gift-giving girlfriends and family in the history of the world!
Exhibit A: My awesome friend Amy has really outdone herself. She crafted this freaking adorable journal for me using an old sweater and a chopped up American Eagle T. I nearly wept for joy when I opened this gift! Reduce/Reusing/Recycling at its best!
Exhibit B: My mom and SIL Katie are crazy card-making machines. These are the handmade B-day cards they sent me this year. If the card isn't handmade enough, my mom gave me a beautiful framed cross-stitch piece (it's a picture of a bride w/ our names and wedding date) as a belated wedding gift, because apparently life's a little busy when your daughter gets married. ;)Exhibit C: Becca is turning into a pro-sewer. She made this cute apron for me out of one of her chef aprons, an embroidered pillowcase, and butterfly appliques. It has 3 deep, handy pockets inside the pillowcase front. Almost too pretty to use! (Bek, I hope you don't mind I swiped this picture from you!)


emily said...

love the apron! happy belated, jessica! truly a crafty group you have there! no big long weekend plans for me...aside from party planning for our big leap year party! have a great week!

lolly lisa said...

What wonderful gifts! Handmade ones are the best, huh?