e is for elijah

Such an exciting weekend ahead. Today I'm *cleaning our apartment (my craft area is a disaster!) *enjoying sweet sunshine *finishing up March projects for the girls at Creative Juices * getting highlights in my winter-blah hair *packing, packing + wrapping a little something up for Eli {our adorable new nephew} because we're flying to St. Louis to meet him tomorrow! I am 100% in love with aunthood. It's been tough restraining myself from urges to buy every adorable baby accessory in sight. If this is already an issue, I have no idea how I'll cope with my own first pregnancy...But that's still a far off dream. As part of Eli's little spoils, I tried my hand at embroidering his little initial on an itty bitty blue cardigan. I'm such a novice at embroidery, but I think it turned out sort of cute. :) E for effort? Anyway, I'm completely giddy about our trip and to see my fam again! One of my favorite things about flying is packing fun things to do during boring airport/airplane down time. In my carry-on:
*New iTunes: Amy Winehouse {I'll admit, I love her despite her shenanigans} and Regina Spektor
*Twizzler's Nibs (My favorite travel food because they can't really melt or stain, and I eat them too fast for them to dry out!)
*Kiehl's lip balm
*New books: The Memory Keeper's Daughter {two chapters in and so far-so good} and Eat Pray Love {I hear it's amazing, but I'm remaining skeptical...I already hate the fact that she left her husband.}
*My March Domino mag
*Not in my carry-on: a Nalgene bottle filled with free, ice cold water from my own faucet. Remember the good old days of flying?
Anyway, cheers to a fabulous weekend, a Happy Leap Year, and a cute new nephew. Can't wait to check in and share a million more pics. It's hard to get sick of baby pictures, right!?


sil Katie said...

That's a really good book! If you finish it on the way here, I have another book that I read recently that you can take back with you that I promise you'll love as well.

Ames said...

Have fun on your little trip...I personally thought the book was pretty good but its not one Ive been bragging to my friends about. One you should put on your list of must reads is The Glass Castle (I forget who its by)...It is so good!