Welcome February! I love, love, love this month. It's a month of warmth, love, delights, Valentine's Day and lots of Happy Birthdays in my world. In fact, my B*day is just a few days away, and I've got a few little wishes tucked away. Please know that my intention is not to drop hints, but rather to document my wildest birthday dreams. :)I'm very curious about the contents of this book. I caught wind of it while visiting Jen at the Cottage Nest today. It looks marvelous!! Embroidery is high on my list of skills to learn/master someday. I love the fresh, simple designs on the cover.I've also got my eyes on this nifty scrapbooking tool. The Zutter-Bind-It-All punches through tough materials like chip board and even CDs and then binds with metal rings. My imagination is buzzing with all of the cool journals, books, and mini scrapbooks I could make with this toy.
And last but certainly not least, I've been craving a pair of elegant drop pearl earrings. So classic, so perfect for dressing up or just plain looking cute.


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Do you think it's possible that you and I were separated at birth? I love your wish list. I hope you get it all.

Leslie said...

I have been eyeing doodle stitching too... its on my list to master... :)

A very almost happy day to you my friend.
Your wish list is certainly delicious.

Abbey said...

Oh I have been wondering about that book, too! It's on my Amazon Wish List and I look at it every once in a while thinking, "Should I get this?"

If you get it, make sure to post what you think!