apartment revamp {1}: home library

Now that all traces of Christmas are behind us (yes, the tree has finally exited the building), I've got a few apartment revamping projects on the brain. I've been wanting to line one of the walls in our living room with a library of bookcases so that we can finally display our vast collection of media. I'm afraid our tiny wire DVD tower, closet stash of scrapbooks, and cardboard boxes of college textbooks are all bursting at the seams and deserving of some proper display time. Tomorrow marks our annual IKEA run (because shopping there is sort of a love/hate relationship for me), and I've been scouting out an inexpensive, sturdy piece like this.


Anonymous said...

I just got back from IKEA a few minutes ago, and I saw that bookshelf, AND I fell in love with it. Good choice.

Andywhere said...
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