today just keeps getting better and better...

This morning I:
*was a sleepy-head
*slept through my alarm and snoozed 5 times
*got a ride to work from my sweet husband
*getting a ride meant time to make tea + dry my hair. *luxuries!*
*enjoyed 60 degrees + sunshine
This afternoon I:
*learned that in California, you can buy real, "just add water" snow at mall kiosks
*decided that was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of
*missed real snow
This evening I:
*packed up the baking and headed to our Advent carol service and cookie exchange at church. It was absolutely everything Christmas traditions are made of: great friends, candlelight, delicious treats, heart-warming music, and of course, the message of Christ's birth, the true meaning of Christmas
Tonight we
*enjoyed the peace & solace of a comfy couch, these coffee table candles, and just plain caught up on life...

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chelle said...

what a sweet commentary on what sounds like a truly wonder-filled day...