Today I embraced a free afternoon to check out the famed Britex Fabrics of S.F. Not sure why I hadn't heard of, noticed, or checked out this awe-inspiring place sooner!? It's located in Union Square, the hopping hot spot of all glamorous department stores in the city. When in San Francisco, it's a must see for crafters and seamstresses alike. This place has four charming stories jam-packed with every color, pattern, and texture of fabric under the sun, plus an entire wall of buttons. (Of course where I spent 90% of my Britex experience!) Yum. This just reinforces the fact that I desperately need to dust off Amy's sewing machine, figure out how to wind a bobbin, and get to work. Lately just the sight loose fabric makes me feel simultaenously inspired and debilitated. I need to face my fears and my free-time. Seriously.


Fairlightday said...

Oh man! I wish I was there! I'm so ready to do some Christmas sewing!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your blog. It's a feast for the eyes!

chelle said...

Wow that place looks like a four story fabric/ button paradise!