warm thoughts

Once upon a brisk & cloudy Monday,
I sat in my cozy warm apartment
drinking silky hot chocolate piled with marshmallows
thinking equally warm thoughts:

Ever since 2 weeks ago, I've been obsessed with the idea of getting a part-time job at Anthropologie, simply to fund my addictions and impractical cravings for lovely sweaters like this one and beautiful pieces to adorn my home. {Did you know that Anthropologie employees get up to 40% off!?} However, that haunting, sensible side of me has decided to postpone this idea until I've settled into my current new job. Maybe next year.

Our apartment's furnace was finally fixed this weekend. At last! No more icicle toes. No more wearing a blanket around 24/7. And no more moving the space heater with me as I roamed from room to room. It's quite nice.

And warm wishes to Becca's new life adventure: She and Sam are at a job interview to become innkeepers at a rustic cabin B&B in Washington as I write! I'm dreaming of warm weekend visits this winter.

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chelle said...

Ahhh, and I wonder if at least once in her lifetime, every girl dreams of working at Anthropologie. For the enviorment of beauty and inspiration, but mostly for the employee discount!