at this very moment, i am thankful for:

celery : chunky peanut butter
husband : spooning
our home : our jobs : our church
laughter : tears : thoughts : dreams
phones : moms
fresh 12x12 patterned paper : photos
sight : color : light
hot showers : toothpaste : lip gloss
hardwood floors : soft cozy slippers

tag, you're it! what are you thankful for?


Fairlightday said...

Hi Jessica,
This is totally off topic, but could you help me? I tried to do a mosaic for a post, I've added it and published the post, but now my blog is all out of whack. I know you've put mosaics in your posts before and I was hoping you could offer me a few pointers. Thank you so much in advance!

Fairlightday said...

Thank you! I finally have everything back in place, a new banner, and the cupcake mosaic up properly. :) I did use that website to make it, but I won't ever try to upload stuff from flickr again! What a headache. :)
I am thankful for:
a baby with hiccups and pointy elbows.
a little girl with curly hair and dimples in her cheeks.
the chiropractor who helps my husband feel so much better.
rainy weather perfect for snuggling up with a hot cup of tea and a good crafting or decorating book.
a brother who helps me with my computer woes.
my dear husband who loves me through the hormonal mood swings.
dear sweet good friends. :)

marta said...

ooh yes, i loved this post. very sweet. i appreciate 12x12 paper and am grateful for lipgloss too! cheers to life's little luxuries.

chelle said...

I am thankful for:

New Discoveries:like flikr mosaics.

A Little Girl Named Annabelle Lucy:
and that she is at this moment sound asleep in her crib.

The Sunflower Yellow Fiestaware Mug in My Hand: full of hot coffee: with cream AND sugar.

A Good Man To Love Me: who will soon be on his way home to us.

Beautiful, Amazing & Inspiring Friends: like you.

The Goodness of: Jesus.

emily said...

i love the gratitude post! i'll have to take that one and run with it! AND i've tagged you with a meme...check my blog!

alyssa said...

I love your gratitude post! At this moment after the day I've had, I'm in need of re-focusing my thoughts on what I'm grateful for. Thanks for sharing!!