get your {costume} on

Halloween is less than a week away. Are you {and your costume} ready? I must admit, I am notorious for coming up with ultra-lame, ultra-last-minute costumes. You know the type--I'm always the trick-or-treater or girl at the party who has to explain who/what she is, because one cannot deduce my identity just by looking. Partly because I hate coughing up cash on a silly accessories that I'll only wear once, and partly because I'm just plain uninventive. (Although, I must admit, I did it right one year during college...I dressed as Deb from Napoleon Dynamite and sold plastic friendship bracelets out of my caboodle. But that's beside the point.) Anyway, if you're like me and are perpetually perplexed about your next costume, Martha to the rescue! She has a whole series on adorable costumes that you can make, ALL made from everyday items you can pick up at the supermarket! The cute candy flapper girl {above} is my absolute favorite. Find all 7 of Martha's magical costume concepts here.

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Jessica said...

great costume! I can't believe we are at Halloween again- this year flew by.