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Hello & welcome to day 1 of a fun, fresh adventure in blogging and the true confessions of a closet wedding planner: SWELL WEDDINGS '07! I am so excited for the ideas and inspiration to start flying.

Prepare to be dazzled when you check out the gorgeous inspiration boards at Style Me Pretty, one of my new favorite wedding planning sources! I was so impressed with Abby's inspiration board contests, that I made a little inspiration board of my own (above) using some of my favorite clippings from my own wedding planning days!

The topic of inspiration is a perfect beginning, because whether you're planning an extravagant dream wedding or simply a pretty party, you won't get far without a heap of ideas and creative momentum. I highly recommend staying neat and organized from the get-go. Let's face it, if you're anything like me, you've probably gushed through bridal magazines years before a proposal and already have a pretty good grasp on your own personal style. It's never too soon to start a notebook/folder/binder/journal of styles, colors, words, and music that really speak to you. I can't even tell you how important it is to clip and save pics of everything, and to keep those wild clippings tamed! Here's just a few examples of how you'll learn to cherish your inspiration binder:

When dress shopping, a few pix of dresses and notions you love might speak volumes more than your verbal descriptors when the saleswoman selects dresses for you to try.
2. Unless you're a master gardener, you might feel a little intimidated when it comes time to choose and meet with your florist. Chances are, if you're not going with daisies, tulips, or roses, you might not know the names of flowers that appeal to you, much less the blooms that are in season or types of foliage used as fillers and backgrounds for arrangements. Your clipped pix will make all of the difference communicating with your florist during planning and in your satisfaction with the finished products. What better time to be a little adventurous and learn a little more about those exotic varieties?
3. DIY projects demand ideas! If you're planning to make anything on your own, from centerpieces to invites, it's so much easier when you have a healthy supply of ideas to "scraplift."

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chelle said...

I am absolutely loving every single Swell Weddings Post. Want to move up to Seattle area and go into the business with me? :)Brilliant Ideas and I love your pretty collages. What program do you use to make them in?