summer lovin'

It's getting to be those dog-days of summer everywhere--everywhere, that is, except San Francisco. It's another typical 60 degree day and the fog horn is bellowing out of my window. That's why I'm summer dreaming with my latest flickr faves! Did I ever mention that last week, the kids across the street were having a hot chocolate stand!? Where I'm from, kids sell lemonade in the summer...Maybe I'm weird?

...and the winner of those pretty pink earrings is:

chelle said...
"Your favorite things mirror my favorite things. How cool is that. We must be kindred spirits. So tickled to have discovered your blog for the very first time today. By the way, I really love the name of it. So nice to meet you. "
Chelle, please email me your address and I'll have your lovely new earrings in the mail straight away!
Congrats and thanks everyone, for celebrating artful blogging with me! It warmed my heart to see so many sweet, thoughtful comments yesterday, and it broke my heart to have to pick just one!
Also, if you're interested in a joining a swap like the one I've been raving about: It seems that there are swaps going on constantly in the craft-blogging world, so do not despair! The Red Velvet Art girls are holding a Favorite Things swap just like mine and they're currently looking for swappers. Also, M.writes is hosting a clever {back 2 school} swap...Gather 3 supplies that are especially useful in your art/craft space and share them with a fellow crafter! (This swap would be perfect for everyone who, like me, is in despair about not having a reason to go back to school shopping this year!) I had so much fun swapping...Hope you'll join the fun!

Flickr mosaic sources:
1. Flip Flops, 2. Flip Flop Freedom, 3. simple flip flop cuppie, 4. Hot, 5. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, 6. Lemonade stand means summer, 7. lemonade with mint, 8. Mihoko, 9. Going home..., 10. Be careful honey...., 11. Little Mermaid, 12. Fiesta teapots, 13. Teapots on the mantle, 14. 3 more for ETSY, 15. twirling, 16. Bl├╝tenmeer - Clover Jo-Jo Schablone Rapido


chelle said...

Thanks to you, it's a truly serendipitious moment! I have never won anything, before, ever. Thank you ever so much. My day is made.

Fairlightday said...

My dear friend Chelle told me that she had won a pretty pair of pink earrings and that I must stop by and visit your blog. I'm so glad she shared with me! I love your favorite things too. You have a delightful little blog here and I can't wait to come back and see more of your craftiness. And my dear, you must get a sewing machine, pronto! :) Just imagine the crafts that will start flowing then! :) So glad I found you via Chelle! Blessings!

Megan said...

Jess, your amazingly fun blog has made me decide to create one...it won't be as crafty as yours, because I am quite lacking in that department, but it will be fun...stay tuned, hehe :) Miss you and I'm so glad SF is treating you and Jeff so well!! And also, to comment on a previous entry, working at Starbucks before the RN job starts appears to have paid off--gorgeous hair!!

~Megan Z.