happy, happy weekend!

I simply adore my embroidered days-of-the-week dishtowels made by my grandma! In my opinion, every girl needs a crafty grandma and every girl needs a set of these to brighten her kitchen daily. In truth, I have two sets...One week of lovebirds (from my Grandma) and one week of teapots (from my Great Aunt). So fun! Hope that you have a relaxing, productive, recreational, and inspirational weekend.


Jenny said...

Cute dishtowels. And I'm sorry that you are having trouble viewing my pictures, I don't know what the problem could be they appear when I look at it. Hopefully the problem will solve itself. Let me know.

Bekka said...

So adorable -- it reminds me of some things that my grandma and great aunts have!

alyssa said...

So so cute! You're right, every girl should have a set of these!!