beach bouquet

Today, upon returning from work, I noticed a bowl of something absolutely disgusting on my neat kitchen table: Next to it, a note from my dear husband:

"Hey Lovely,
I wanted to get you some flowers,
but then I thought this Cali beach bouquet might be nice.
I love you dearly, and please have a relaxing afternoon!

I beamed as I realized that this was not disgusting, it was quite possibly the most thoughtful little gift I'd ever received: Wet sand+A stinky clam+Soggy kelp=True love. I can only imagine his sweet solo jaunt on the beach this morning!

I wonder: is this what moms experience when their kiddos bring them a handful of snarled dandelions?


alyson. said...

how cute. and thoughtful!

Casey said...

too sweet!!! makes me smile...