yay for fray!

We had a blast last night at The Fray concert! Definitely got waay more than our money's worth. It was an awesome show at an awesome venue: at Shoreline Amphitheater you can enjoy rocking out at a concert with fresh air for a change!

Let me just say that concerts make me very happy. I love that concerts connect help listeners connect the music with the artist in a personal way. Suddenly The Fray is not just another tune on our iPod. (Notice the singular iPod. We're lucky that we get along well enough and like the same music enough to share a 'Pod. For this reason, we have more appropriately deemed this essential electronic our wePod.)


1. Concert tickets = $0

2. Parking = $0 (Let me tell you, we live to find "free" parking and then delight when we return to an un-towed car!)

3. The Fray serenading us to Shakira...Ultimate crowd pleaser!

4. Lead singer Isaac Slade's cutie pie daughter sitting with him on the piano bench during the encore. He must be the coolest dad ever and I love that.

5. Perfect date night!


Rebecca said...

Oh I'm jealous you got to go to this concert--I'm sure it was amazing! Thanks so much for including me in your swell blogs list...blessings, Rebecca.

Jenny said...

Sounds like it was a perfect night. I bet that the fray would be great live and all for free it can't get much better than that.

Anonymous said...

isaac doesn't have any kids. it was probably one of joe's daughters.