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Just ran across some pretty party ideas that have left me itching to entertain! I absolutely adore the use of lilacs in Carolyne Roehm's summer setting above. Below is one of my stashed-away inspiration pics from Martha weddings last summer. She ties fresh spring green with ever-so-dainty eyelette trims around candles, napkins, and platters. Love the simple beauty!I thought I'd grow out of my post-wedding funk months ago...When I should've been living in complete newly-wedded bliss last August, I must admit a part of me was mourning my lost and forgotten wedding planning days! I don't miss the stress and bridezilla moments, but I definitely do pine for the many Sunday afternoons and evenings I spent cutting paper and enduring hot glue spider webs to make cones for these dear little tussie mussies that happily greeted me when I walked down the aisle. Does the fact that I still love theknot and crave every new season of Martha Weddings make me a sentimental loser? Perhaps. But more likely, I'm just dreaming of becoming a wedding planner when I grow up. :)

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DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I especially love the tussie mussies. Gorgeous.