feast for the senses

Seems hard to believe, but we've officially been here in Cali for a full month. We're so blessed to have a cute San Fran apartment on our hands! Here we are living in the amazing city of San Fran for officially one week and I have a confession to make: we've been complete home bodies! I don't have any exhilirating adventures to report! Next comes the list of excuses: 1. This past week has been a whirlwind of unpacking and still more painting. I promise to post a full photo tour of our apartment soon..Just allow me a few more days (weeks) to get everything set up. 2. We have cable TV for the first time in 3 years!! We're complete junkies! Not quite, but in a sick way, it's entertaining to watch David Hasslehoff on America's Got Talent. 3. We're still job hunting. Searching Craig's List daily, and emailing resumes and composing cover letters like nobody's business. As I was saying, we've officially been here in Cali for a full month. We've swallowed our pride and accepted the fact that jobs don't grow on trees and that college degrees are not free tickets to instant wealth and success. With that said, don't feel sorry for us...we're living the dream! However, prayers are always welcome. 4. We're poor & very happy, finding awesome things to do for free in our very own 'hood, like watching the sunset over the Pacific! Amazing.

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