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It is actually 6am Thursday and we are in the middle-of-nowhere, I mean, Nevada. I am letting the truck driver (Jeff) sleep in so I can do some hard-core catching up! Who would of thought that the middle-of-nowhere has Wifi!?
Monday 5/28/07: We were so glad to be able to spend Memorial Day in Fairmont. I don't know what we would've done without that extra day to catch up! It was awesome to have time. Time to do a little laundry, re-pack the truck, not have to ride in the truck, and in Jeff's words, "chill out and grill out!" Sorry Daniel, for not getting around to the game of Nintendo Wii that I challenged you to.
Tuesday 5/29/07: Tearful farewells. It didn't hit me that we were moving really far away for a really long time until I had to say bye-bye to my fam. I'm such a baby, but I really miss you mom! On a happier note, we made our first friend on the journey: TomTom (or Thomas as I'd like to call him, when he speaks with his sultry British accent). Best grad gift ever!

With GPS, my official job as the navigator has been delegated to a robot. This way, I have more time in the Uhaul for uninterrupted cat naps, I mean studying for nursing boards. (Disclaimer: the cheesey pic above is from the archives...I am only including it because we had a dead camera battery today and I have nothing to show for Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado--at least you're not missing too much?) Anyway, today we travelled all the way to Loveland, CO, where Jeff's Grandma Jackie hosted us at Kirk & Christy's place (they are in Hawaii!). She cooked the yummiest meals! On Wednesday morning, Dan & Nicole (Jeff's cousin & his wife) joined us for breakfast. Fun!

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I wholeheartedly agree with the concept of a Jessica and Jeff blog to keep everyone updated :) Drive super safe!